Randy Loss…I Mean Moss

Randy Moss, at the age of 35, has announced that he wants to come back to the National Football League for the 2012 season. Randy Moss had an amazing career, without question, and a future Hall of Famer for sure. But no NFL teams have expressed any interest in Moss as of yet.

The only team that shows interest is the Indoor Football League’s Chicago Slaughter. He wouldn’t be the first ex-NFL wide receiver to play in the IFL. Terrell Owens recently signed with the Allen Wranglers. But Moss has said that the only football he wants to play is in the NFL. ESPN writer Dan Graziano writes about the issue:

The guy washed out with three different teams in 2010, couldn’t find a job in 2011 and now, at the age of 35 and in a free-agent market flooded with good wide receivers in their primes, he thinks a team is going to take a chance on him? Agree to disagree, Randy. Agree to disagree.

That said, I have (as many of you are fond of pointing out) been wrong before. And so, if by some chance Moss can prove he still has enough speed to be a legitimate deep threat — to get separation from defensive backs and perform as a difference-making downfield option for an offense, as he could not do in 2010 for three different teams — would he make any sense in our division?

I think Moss needs to stay retired. I respect him greatly as a player and I will always enjoy watching his crafty catches on Youtube, but it is time to quit. The man is 35 years old, and in the NFL, that is ancient. His bad attitude was funny ten years ago because he was good enough to have it. Now, it would just be sad and inappropriate. He needs to stay retired and wait for his Hall of Fame induction. What do you guys think?


Super Blow

Well, the New York Giants have done it again. They defeated the favorites in the biggest game of the year. This is the second time the New England Patriots have been to the Super Bowl in the last four years and they have lost both of them to the Giants.

The Giants trailed the Patriots all through the second half until New England head coach Bill Belichick made the decision to let the Giants score a touchdown so his team would have enough time to make a comeback run. The Pats had some good opportunities in the fourth quarter but two big dropped passes by Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker proved to be their downfall. ESPN.com reports on the action.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick reasoned the Giants would run the clock down and kick a short field goal, so he gambled by allowing the six points.

The gamble failed.

And now Manning not only has stamped himself as the elite quarterback he claimed to be when the season began — in the same class as Brady — he’s beaten the Patriots in two thrilling Super Bowls. The Giants (13-7), who stood 7-7 in mid-December, now own the football world, and Manning owns two Super Bowl MVP awards, the same number as Brady.

Personally, I think that when the Patriots lost seven seconds in the fourth quarter because the Giants had 12 men on the field, that was when the Patriots truly lost the game. Seven seconds is a long time in football. Especially for Tom Brady, who has engineered three Super Bowl wins in his career. If the Patriots had those seven extra seconds, I think it would be Tom Brady hoisting the Lombardi trophy right now.

As a Cowboys fan(<3), this Super Bowl made me sick. My hatred for the "Football Giants" could not be greater than it is on this night. Your thoughts? To read more on this waste of a game, visit espn.go.com